Natural History

greenumbrellaproductions05The Battle for Braveheart

BBC Wildlife on One

The Little Creatures Who Run the World

Nova / PBS

Mpingo – the tree that makes music

BBC Natural World


BBC Natural World

Tales of the Calypso Isles

BBC Natural World

Arachnophobia – The True Story

BBC Natural Neighbours

greenumbrellaproductions09The Riddle of the Sands

BBC Natural World

The World in a Wood

BBC Natural World

Orangutan – The High Society

Wild Discovery and BBC Natural World

The Temple Troop

BBC Natural World

Living Europe

8 Hour series – NRK, SVT and Nova / PBS

The Triumph of Life

5 Hour series – WNET / PBS

Animal Minds

3 Hour series – WNET / PBS and the BBC

greenumbrellaproductions08Baltic Secrets

2 part special – NRK, SVT, ORF

The Ultimate Guides – Series I and II

Great Apes




Octopus and Squid


Discovery Channels International


greenumbrellaproductions04Journey to the Centre of the Earth

2 part special – Discovery Channels International and Channel 4

Winner of the ‘Best Earth-Science Programme’ award at the Jackson Hole Film Festival in 2003.

Galileo’s Daughter

Staring Simon Callow – based on Dava Sobel’s best-selling book

Nova / PBS and Channel 4

Won an Emmy award for best longform documentary in 2003

Dirty Weekend

6 part series about 4-wheel drive and Off-Road Racing – ITV

The Ultimate Guide Series III


Extreme Weather

Discovery Channels International

greenumbrellaproductions07The Search for Longitude

Nova / PBS and BBC

Einstein Revealed

2 part special – Nova / PBS and BBC

The Ultimate Guide Series IV



House Cats

Discovery Channels International

The Mystery of the Senses

5 part series – WNET, WGBH Nova / PBS and Channel 4

In Search of Our Ancestors

3 part special – Nova / PBS and BBC


John and Abigail Adams

American Experience – WGBH / PBS

The Great Transatlantic Cable

American Experience – WGBH / PBS

Escape From Berlin

Discovery Channels International