Peter Jones

green umbrella natural history and science film productionPeter Jones is one of Green Umbrella’s founders and the company’s Chairman. Peter has been responsible for over 50 Green Umbrella productions for NOVA WGBH, Nature WNET, National Geographic , the BBC and CH4 such as “In Search of Our Ancestors”, “Einstein Revealed”, “Living Europe”, “The Search for Longitude”, “Animal Minds”, “ The Triumph of Life”, “The Mystery of the Senses” and the Emmy award winning “Galileo’s Daughter”. Between 2002 and 2005, Peter made three films for the PBS strand, American Experience – “Baatan Rescue”, “The Great Trans Atlantic Cable” and “John and Abigail”.

green umbrella natural history and science film productionAfter studying science at Wadham College Oxford, Peter switched to film making when offered a chance to train at Granada TV under two leading documentary filmmakers – Norman Swallow and Dennis Mitchell. Then, 5 years later, he joined the BBC Horizon team to combine filmmaking and science.

He made over 20 Horizon programmes including “A Whisper from Space”, “The Selfish Gene”, several award winning films on medicine, ecology and the arms race; “The Making of the English Landscape”, and for BBC-2, the series “One Man’s England” with W G Hoskins and “Microbes and Men” – the story of Louis Pasteur starring Arthur Lowe.

green umbrella natural history and science film productionTwo films on animal behaviour, “The Human Animal” and “The Red Deer of Rhum”led to an invitation in 1979 from the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol to run The World About Us – out of which he started The Natural World in 1983. Later, “The Trials of Life” followed with Sir David Attenborough and a BAFTA for best series (1991). At this time Peter was also on the committees of Bristol’s Wildscreen Festival and The Producers and Directors Association.

Currently Peter is restoring an ‘English Landscapes’ archive from his filming with W G Hoskins in the 1970s which he hopes will soon be seen again on the web.