Green Umbrella is a Bristol based film and television production-company, formed in 1991 and owned and managed by its founders, Nigel Ashcroft and Peter Jones.

greenumbrellaproductions04With more than 80 programmes for the world’s most demanding broadcasters such as the BBC, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Channel 4 and America’s PBS network, the company has built an unparalleled wealth of experience and expertise. Green Umbrella’s spectacular and memorable programmes are known for their blend of education and entertainment, as well as their celebration of science and the natural world.

Green Umbrella specialises in Natural History, Science and History. Its award winning programmes include “Einstein Revealed”, “In Search of Our Ancestors”, “Escape from Berlin”, “The Mystery of the Senses”, “The Ultimate Guides”, “The Search for Longitude”, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” – winner of the Best Earth Science award at The Jackson Hole film festival and “Galileo’s Daughter”, starring Simon Callow, which won an Emmy for best documentary.

green umbrella science and natural history film productionNatural history has ranged from single episode programmes for the BBC’s Wildlife on One and The Natural World and WNET’s Nature series, such as “The Battle for Braveheart”, “Wytham Wood”, “Tales of the Calypso Isles” and the much awarded and imitated, “The Temple Troop”, to major series including “Living Europe”, “The Triumph of Life”, “Animal Minds” and “The Ultimate Guides” with episodes such as, Great Apes, Dolphins, Ants, Octopus and Squid, Spiders, and Crocodiles.

Nigel Ashcroft and Peter Jones have both occasionally worked as producers and directors for other production companies and broadcasters. In 2007 Nigel directed the acclaimed PBS astronomy special, “Seeing in the Dark” and during 2008 and 9 he was Natural History Producer for the acclaimed American director, Terrence Malick on his award-winning film, “The Tree of Life”. In 2005 Peter directed a portrait of the second American president, “John and Abigail” for the PBS strand American Experience.