greenumbrellaproductions03Green Umbrella has been making spectacular and memorable award winning films and television for more than 20 years. The company has made programmes for the world’s major broadcasters and has travelled to every part of the planet to bring fascinating stories and stunning images to the screen.

Guided by the company’s founders, Peter Jones and Nigel Ashcroft, Green Umbrella has an innovative approach to filmmaking by developing new ways to tell the story, whether as hybrid documentary dramas or by using exciting new technologies to give their films a unique blend of education and entertainment.

greenumbrellaproductions05The company has produced major landmark series such as “In Search of Our Ancestors”, “The Mystery of the Senses”, “Living Europe”, “The Triumph of Life”, “Animal Minds” and “The Ultimate Guides” as well as memorable single programmes such as “Galileo’s Daughter”, “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, “The Temple Troop”, “The Search for Longitude” and “The Battle for Braveheart”.

Over the years  Green Umbrella has nurtured some remarkable talent and is proud of training dozens of production staff, some of who have gone on to run their own companies, become commissioning editors and fill many senior roles throughout the film and television industry.